Aarti Expo

Aarti Nigam with her “Girls World Expo Girl of Merit” award. (photo provided) 

Aarti Nigam was selected as a 2017 “Girls World Expo Girl of Merit,” which recognizes the exceptional effort recipients have made to serve their community and the leadership and inspiration that effort has provided to young women. The Indian American woman received her award in a ceremony March 5 at the DoubleTree Convention Center Hotel in Fresno, Calif., where she delivered a brief acceptance speech, thanking those who have been a positive influence in her life. The ceremony opened the Girls World Expo day.

Girls World Expo is national movement of one-day events for teenage girls, designed to create community and support girls’ potential. The event helps girls identify their vision of success, and gives them the opportunity to meet new people, try new things and have fun.

Founder Varinda Missett said Girls World Expo was “personal venture” inspired by her own daughter’s struggle with self-esteem. Missett realized her daughter was bombarded by negative influences and messaging – from unattainable media portrayals of female perfection to our society’s lack of high-achieving female role models – and that they were impacting her self-image and confidence. Missett wanted to counter the negativity and reconnect girls with their potential.

Girls of Merit are nominated by friends and family, and honorees are selected for their vision, tenacity, compassion and commitment to excellence. The mission of Girls World Expo is to “inspire girls everywhere to reach higher, go farther, and do more.”

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