An Indian American teenager who holds two honorary associate degrees and is already Microsoft certified has created a community service organization to help students enhance their math skills.

Pranav Kalyan, 13, created the Agoura Math Circle, which is a student-run nonprofit that aims to provide students the mathematical problem-solving skills and confidence needed to succeed academically and in real-world situations.

Kalyan founded the program in 2015 that now serves hundreds of students.

AMC meets every other Saturday for three hours. At the meetings, students are separated based on their mathematical aptitude into five classes, including junior beginner, intermediate and advanced, as well as senior beginner and advanced.

The students are taught by volunteer tutors — typically high school students in advanced math courses — who create lesson plans and teach a class of up to 50 students. The tutors then create and administer an exam based on the lesson and score them to ultimately assist students in correcting their errors and improving test-taking skills for future examinations.

According to an AMC news release, the classes students embark on are typically far more advanced than the material they are taught in elementary and middle school.

Due to the advanced level of the AMC class, the students regularly excel in school. Dozens of parents affirm the influence of the Agoura Math Circle on their children, with several testimonials proclaiming that they have noticed a significant increase in “student confidence” and a newfound “passion for higher level math,” AMC said.

Kalyan’s group May 27 hosted AMC Fest 2017 to celebrate the circle’s students’ achievements throughout the year, particularly in the annual spring final exam.

Prof. Diana Nguyen served as the chief guest at the ceremony, with dozens of young students earning awards in various categories.

Other guests at the event included UCLA computer science Prof. John Cho, Dr. Bharat Patel, a urologist and founder of ALAPIO, a nonprofit organization that gives free medical aid; and astronomer, physicist, climate scientist and software developer Jonathan Woodbury.

Patel, who has donated $10,000 to AMC, also serves as one of the directors of the Agoura Math Circle and rewarded the Math Kangaroo national winners for 2017. Additionally, he gave out the Star Performer awards which recognizes students for their efforts in class.

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