Kevin Thomas

Indian American attorney Kevin Thomas, seen here with his wife Rincy, is hoping to claim New York's 2nd Congressional District seat. ( photo)

If Indian American attorney Kevin Thomas has his way in 2018, he’ll be the next representative of New York’s 2nd Congressional District.

The candidate has spent more than a decade taking on big banks, financial institutions and student loan lenders as a consumer advocate and wants to parlay that into a run for Congress in New York.

Thomas, of Levittown, is running for Congress because he believes corporate America has taken advantage of working families and the middle class, and it needs to stop.

On his campaign website, Thomas said he knows that what happens over the next several years in Congress “will determine our destiny and the quality of life we will give to our children and grandchildren,” adding that he has worked tirelessly to bring justice to those who could not stand up for themselves.

His campaign will be about fighting for the less fortunate, those without a voice and those who have given up hope in the justice system.

In Washington, if elected, Thomas will take this fight to the Republicans in Congress who are trying to turn the clock back on the progress of the past decade.

Immigrating to the United States with his parents when he was 10 years old, Thomas understands the promise that the United States holds and he believes that he is a living testament to the fact that the American dream still exists, and he believes every New Yorker should have the same opportunities that he had, he said in his website.

Throughout his life, he has focused on helping others, especially those who could not help themselves.

He is an appointee of the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights to the New York State Advisory Committee, a federal agency tasked with civil rights oversight.

Thomas said he will stand up to President Donald Trump and fight for the people of Nassau and Suffolk counties.

Among the issues on his platform, Thomas said he plans to create new jobs and bring economic development to Long Island; repair the Affordable Care Act, and work to bring healthcare to every American; oppose Republican efforts to dismantle the safety net as well as Social Security and Medicare; support real middle class tax cuts; support efforts to expand the use of renewable energy and clean technologies; ensure that Long Island Railroad is properly maintained and fully-funded; work to reduce poverty, that is reaching record high levels on Long Island; ensure the federal government is combating gang violence; and work to make sure the CFPB can protect consumers again.

Running as a Democrat, Thomas will be up against DuWayne Gregory, John Rennhack and Liuba Grechen Shirley in the April 12 primary. The winner of that election will challenge Republican incumbent Peter King in the November general election.

According to his LinkedIn page, Thomas is the coordinating attorney for the New York Legal Assistance Group’s Bronx Volunteer Lawyer for A Day – Consumer Protection, which matches volunteer attorneys and law students trained in consumer law with unrepresented defendants sued in particular types of consumer law matters. He is also a project attorney for the New York City Department of Consumer Affairs Office of Financial Empowerment project.

Prior to joining NYLAG, Kevin worked for the Senior Executive Counsel for General Electric Energy Division in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Thomas is a graduate of Western Michigan Cooley Law School and received his undergraduate degree from St. John’s University.

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