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Attorney Sachin Varghese (right), seen with his family, has filed papers declaring his intent to run for the Georgia state legislature. “I believe that the constituents of our district deserve continued strong and capable representation,” said the Indian American candidate. (Twitter photo)

An Indian American attorney in Atlanta, Georgia, Sachin Varghese, announced April 27 he has filed paperwork declaring his candidacy for the state legislature.

Varghese, if elected, would become the first Indian American member of the Georgia state legislature, according to a news release distributed by his office.

The attorney said his candidacy for state representative of District 89, a seat that has been held by House Minority Leader and State Rep. Stacey Abrams for about 12 years, is contingent on Abrams seeking a statewide post.

“Minority Leader Abrams has been a potent and effective voice for District 89 for nearly a dozen years,” Varghese, a Democrat, said in a statement.

“Should she run for higher office,” Varghese said the people of the district need someone in office to build a better chance for everyone in the state.

“I believe that the constituents of our district deserve continued strong and capable representation,” he said, “and I offer myself for the district as an attorney committed to building greater opportunity for each and every Georgian.”

A graduate of the University of Georgia and the University of Georgia law school, Varghese is currently an attorney at Bondurant Mixson and Elmore. His work has been highlighted with recognition as a legal rising star in the state.

Among some of his work includes representing the Georgia Legislative Black Caucus and the Georgia Association of Latino Elected Officials, among others. Additionally, he worked with Congressman John Lewis, Rep. Abrams and state Sen. Elena Parent in challenging Republican gerrymandering in 2011.

“As we saw in 2011, and again in this last legislative session with HB 515, Republicans will continue to use redistricting to disenfranchise minority voters and suppress Democratic voters,” Varghese added. “I’m running to take the fight to them on this issue and to take a strong stand for open and fair elections.”

Already, Varghese has earned support from other elected officials, including Rep. Scott Holcomb and Sen. Emanuel Jones.

“Sachin will be a strong advocate for District 89 and all Georgians, and that’s why I’m supporting his candidacy if leader Abrams seeks another office,” said Holcomb, who added he has known the Indian American for some time and that he will do a “terrific job representing the community.”

Added Jones of Varghese, “He will be a passionate and able advocate for DeKalb residents at the Capitol and that is why I wholeheartedly support him should leader Abrams offer herself for higher office.”

Varghese pledged to run a strong grassroots effort and in two days leading into his announcement has raised nearly $60,000 in support. 

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