Van Eye Hospital

The Bhartiya Senior Citizens of Chicago, an Indian American organization, donated $20,000 for the purchase of a mobile medical van to transport patients to and from Shri Ravishankar Maharaj Eye Hospital. (photo provided) 

BLOOMINGDALE, Ill. – The Bhartiya Senior Citizens of Chicago organized a June 2017 BSC Program to highlight the epidemic of preventable blindness in India and provide support for India’s blind population. To that end, the Indian American organization invited Dr. Manu Vora, director and president of the Blind Foundation of India, to speak about vision care and the fight against preventable blindness in India. Vora highlighted the work done by the BFI, which since 1989 has provided support and healthcare to over 15 million blind people in India. BFI's mission is to prevent and cure blindness, and educate and rehabilitate permanently blind people in India.

The program saw an outpouring of support for the BFI and together BSC members donated $20,000. The funds will be used to purchase a TATA LP407 Star Bus, which will serve as the BFI’s mobile medical van and transport patients to and from Shri Ravishankar Maharaj Eye Hospital in Chikhodra, Gujarat. The mobile medical van will be part of the diabetic retinopathy Clinic on Wheels project for a number of villages in Gujarat.

The members of the BSC were generous in their support for the BFI’s humanitarian mission and thanks to their contributions, the mobile medical van will provide much-needed health services, including sight-saving treatments, for countless people who would otherwise be without care.

For more information about BSC and its programs, please visit, and for information on the Blind Foundation of India, please visit

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