Sumeet concert

The management of The Sanatan Temple management is shown felicitating Fiji-born Bollywood singer Sumeet Tappoo with a donation pledge of Fiji $100,000 at a music concert held June 2 at the San Bruno, Calif.-based temple. (photo provided)

Fiji-born Bollywood singer Sumeet Tappoo shared some beautiful and uplifting music along with a profound and heartfelt message with an appreciative and generous audience that filled the Sanatan Temple in San Bruno, Calif., June 2.

Joined by an energetic seven-piece band of top musicians from the Indian film industry, Tappoo used his powerful, melodious voice to stir souls and bring awareness of the life-saving work of the H2H (Heart to Heart ) Foundation, a non-denominational, charitable organization bringing crucial, free-of-charge heart surgeries to children in Fiji and other countries throughout the world.

Inspired by the music, message, and vital cause, president of Sanatan Temple Satish Datt and the temple management pledged Fiji $100,000 toward construction of the first congenital heart surgery hospital in Fiji.

Tappoo’s performance was the charismatic singer’s first stop of a well-received two-week concert tour across the San Francisco Bay Area that spread the word about the under-reported, heartrending epidemic of congenital heart defects that annually kills hundreds of thousands of children around the world — children whose lives could otherwise be saved if given proper and timely medical treatment. The incidence of these heart-breaking, family-shattering heart defects is on the rise in Fiji, India, and numerous Pacific Island and developing countries.

Upholding their motto of “Heart Operation to Heart Transformation,” the H2H Foundation is dedicated to supporting free pediatric cardiac surgeries.

Since 2012, the foundation, a 501 (c) (3), nonprofit organization, registered in Santa Clara, Calif., in collaboration with Sanjeevani Hospitals in India, has helped support more than 9,000 pediatric cardiac operations and 82,000 pediatric cardiac screenings.

Those who would like to contribute to the cause, can do so by contacting Satish Datt, president of Sanatan Temple, at (510) 305-5392, or the head temple priest, Pandit Jaleshwar Upadhyay, at Sanatan Mandir, located at 205 Angus Avenue West, San Bruno, Calif.

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