Two-year-old Mira Tuteja loves singing and reading her story books like most children of her age, but instead the young child is spending time undergoing several bouts of chemotherapy sessions at Massachusetts General Hospital.

Mira, who was diagnosed with leukemia (blood cancer) in May 2015, is suffering a relapse, and is in dire need of a bone marrow transplant.

Given her ethnic Indian background, her best chance at finding a marrow donor is from someone who shares her South Asian heritage. So the family is now relying on the kindness of the Indian American and larger South Asian community to save the child’s life.

How you can help Mira and many others like her is to register as a donor and donate if you come up as a match.

Anyone can register online (kit will be sent to your home in 7-8 days). To order your kit:

Requirements for joining: 18-44 years old; be willing to donate to any patient in need; and meet the health guidelines.

For more information contact Ayumi Nagata at or (213) 625-2802 (ext. 103).

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