Telugu New Year

Indian American members of the Telugu Association of Greater Sacramento and SiliconAndhra pose with Senate Republican leader Shannon Grove April 8 in Sacramento. (photo provided)

On April 8, the California state Senate unanimously recognized the Telugu ‘Ugadi’ New Year.

“About 100,000 of Telugu speaking people in California celebrate the traditions of the Telugu ‘Ugadi’ New Year that are transmitted from one generation to the next,” Senate Republican Leader Shannon Grove (R-Bakersfield) said on the occasion.

Grove, who represents the 16th State Senate district, welcomed members of two non-profit organizations, the Telugu Association of Greater Sacramento and SiliconAndhra to the state Capitol April 8. At the meeting held in her office, a press release stated, Grove presented certificates of recognition to members of the two groups honoring them on the occasion, and for their “exemplary leadership, commitment, and outstanding service to the community to promote Indian culture and encourage growth which will benefit future generations.”

After members from TAGS and SiliconAndhra shared with Grove about the Telugu language, the culture, and its communities, she said she would appear in a saree in the next such meeting, said the press release.

Telugu community members celebrate the Ugadi New Year festival to mark the arrival of spring and warm weather. The festival is also a joyous occasion signifying growth and prosperity.

Following the meeting in her office, Grove presented the group on the floor of the California State Senate and delivered remarks praising their leadership and honoring the festival.

“With all New Year festivals, it is also a chance to put the problems of our past behind and an opportunity for new ventures and fresh beginnings,” she said.

Grove also introduced the group to many other senators and conveyed her best wishes for the festival.

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