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Indian American entrepreneur Apoorva Kiran, co-founder of Irate Labs. (Twitter photo/@kiranApoorva)

ITHACA, New York — Irate Labs, a Cornell University-based startup, hopes to help companies safely bring employees back to the workplace despite the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.

The startup, which is spearheaded by Cornell alumni Apoorva Kiran and Jason Guss, expanded its technology offerings in response to the health pandemic caused by the Coronavirus.

Kiran helped launch Irate Labs in 2016. Back then it was called OrthoFit. The Indian American researcher teamed up with Guss to create wearable technologies to improve workplace ergonomic safety and reduce repetitive use injuries on the job, according to a news report published by Cornell University.

“Iterate Labs has significantly enhanced the accuracy and real-time reporting capabilities of its location awareness and contact tracing technologies,” the Cornell news report stated. “The wearable devices, which can be attached to a worker’s wrist or arm or be worn around the neck, measure and enforce social distancing with vibrations and audio alerts to notify workers when they are too close to colleagues.

“The wearable devices are synced to an online dashboard, which quickly identifies who may have been exposed to a worker with Covid-19 and allows operations managers to be proactive in limiting the spread of the virus,” the Cornell news report continued.

Kiran said the wearable devices use ultra-wide band technology, which helps prevent false negatives.

The Irate Labs product is being “piloted” at Cornell’s research lab, according to the news report.

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