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A handful of Indian American nonprofit organizations have collaborated with Pico Care Rx to set up a vaccination camp at the Sanatan Dharma Temple in Norwalk, Calif. They will continue to provide vaccines at the site over the next few weeks. (picocarerx.com photo)

The Sarva Mangal Family Trust, Joy of Sharing, Sahara and Saahas for Cause – all Southern California-based Indian American nonprofits – joined hands with Parth and Yuchita Parikh from Pico Care Rx to set up and run a COVID-19 vaccination camp at the Sanatan Dharma Temple in Norwalk, Calif., March 27.

Over 675 persons were vaccinated with the Moderna vaccine through a streamlined process that included early web registration, onsite check-in, vaccination and 15-minute resting. 

A campaign was devised with the support of over 25 South Asian organizations to spread the word prior to the vaccination camp.

The camp was successful as they not only were able to vaccinate people belonging to South Asian minorities and other groups, but had to turn away 50 people as Pico Care had already hit their target for the day, said a press release.

People from all backgrounds, including those from low socioeconomic status, were vaccinated.

In the days leading up to the camp, Saahas volunteers played an active role in outreach efforts to both propagate camp and registration information as well as help many with the actual website registration process.

On the day of the camp, Saahas provided water and snacks to the volunteers, health professionals and to those vaccinated. 

Further camps are planned in the upcoming weeks – on Saturdays – to cover all eligible population sectors in even greater numbers.

The entire effort was coordinated by Dr. Nitin Shah and Adhir Shah, who also mobilized the volunteers.

The second dose will also be given after four weeks at the same location: Sanatan Temple, 15311 Pioneer Blvd., Norwalk, CA 90650, said Dr. Nitin Shah.

“All above 50 years of age qualify and others who are below 50 years of age will have to be within one of the categories required by California state,” Shah said.

For more information and registration, visit www.picocarerx.com/sanatan.

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