NORWALK, Calif. — A first of its kind “Spiritual Block Party Festival” kicked off Feb. 15 at the Joy of Sharing Community Center with over 1,200 participants in attendance. The festival originated with the idea that through experiences, transformation becomes a human possibility.

Some of the “experiences” offered were Full Chakra Activation by Chakra Doctor Trypknowledgy; Shamanic Sound Voyage by Jeremy Fraj; Kemetic Yoga by Aja Whitten; Perceptive Yoga by Dr. Rhiannon Hutton, Kundalini Meditation by Devajeet Singh, and Movement Meditation by Cierra Breeze. Each of these experiences were unique but all were designed to bring the person practicing closer to the inner self, according to a press release. Apart from movement and meditation the festival also focused on nourishment with sessions by Roopa Rao from Vegan Outreach, Dr. Rhiannon Hutton on “My Battle With Cancer” and Victoria on “Create Your Living Water.”

An important aspect of the festival was that the facilitators and guides came from diverse backgrounds and ethnicities. While experiences lead to transformation in the inner being, diversity breaks barriers amongst the communities and unites people of all colors in this celebration of life, the release noted.

A main supporter of the festival supporters was Bhiku Patel, president of Joy of Sharing Community Center; major vegan brands like Suja Juice, Follow Your Heart, Califia Farms, Vegan Robs, GTs Kombucha and Vegan Outreach. The first 200 attendees received bags with goodies and everyone had the opportunity to interact with the 15 vendors of juices, teas, CBD, travel companies, chiropractors, healers, crystal stores and holistic centers, as per the release.

The night ended with a “conscious concert” featuring Brandon The Wizard, Hego The Shaman and Nothing But Love Zameer and his crew.

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