IRVINE, Calif. – For the past five years, the OC India Association in Southern California has met every month providing a platform for social interaction. With the pandemic disrupting lives and causing lockdowns across cities in Orange County, the group has taken its mandate to “bring the OC Indian community together and collectively enjoy the diversity and richness of the heritage of India” a notch higher.

Since March of this year, it has gone live on social media every single day. The president of the OC India Women’s Group, Indian American Dr. Seema Choudhary, says the digital connection has provided a solution to the mental health crisis caused by the pandemic. The women’s wing, which a press release said has over 30,000 members from all walks of life including professionals, homemakers and business owners, meets to encourage and provide support to each other.

During the live stream, discussions on coping with the coronavirus crisis, family and other related topics are discussed. Over time, the meetings have grown to include classes on dance, yoga and jewelry making, Bollywood music, chanting of prayers and lectures on varied topics including astrology. Each of the offerings, whether art or fitness, medical information or make up instruction, is by members and those invested in the belief that OC India Association is a valuable support group that nurtures friendships.

What has also grown, the association says, is the audience, which is now global with a thousand views within a few hours of a live session becoming the norm. So far 200 live sessions have been held with success. For more information: or

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