Mother's day

Archita Mandal Fallini, an Indian American filmmaker living in the San Francisco Bay Area, Calif., has directed a new music video, “Diva Mom,” which is an ode to motherhood. (Archita Mandal Fallini/Facebook photo)

It’s not easy being a mother, and being a working mom comes with his own set of sacrifices, challenges and trials. A new music video, “Diva Mom,” which focuses on how a mother’s job, which is a full time one, mostly goes unacknowledged, released May 13.

“Diva Mom” aims to shine a light on the exceptional women who are normally over-looked, the middle-class moms, who balance multiple roles throughout the day – cook, chauffeur, nanny, employee, artist, boss, colleague, caretaker and many more.

The peppy, energetic music video, showcasing moms channeling their inner “diva,” is the brainchild of the San Francisco Bay Area, Calif.-based Indian American filmmaker Archita Manda Fallini. With sterling vocals by Ranjini Vijay, the video also stands out because it portrays “real women” as models to showcase “the daily strivers, the unsung heroes that go from day to day doing unglamorous things remain nameless and unrecognized.”

The almost five-minute-long video also captures those moments when mothers, who multi-task all the time and neglect themselves in the process, realize that they must find time to live for themselves. It is packed with stories of the Bay Area women who are able to retain their identity by unleashing the qualities that they have within as singers, dancers, athletes, etc. and goes on to show that it really enables them to do their job as mothers better.

Watch the “Diva Mom” video here:

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