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Mihirbhai Patel, an Indian American former substitute teacher in Franklin, Indiana, has been arrested for soliciting teens for sex online. (screen grab of Fox59)

“Every time we meet, you make good money,” was the offer an Indian American former substitute teacher allegedly used on Instagram to solicit sex acts with teens.

Mihirbhai Patel, 27, of New Whiteland, Indiana, was arrested May 7, after New Whiteland police detectives, in concert with the Franklin, Indiana, Police Department, conducted a sting operation. He has subsequently bailed out of jail.

Patel is currently facing a felony charge of promoting prostitution.

Patel was arrested back in 2015 for allegedly paying a teen for sex while working as a substitute teacher at Franklin Community High School. During that case, Patel allegedly arranged to meet the teen at a motel for sex in exchange for $150, according to NBC WTHR13.

This time, investigators say Patel targeted even younger teenage boys. At Whiteland Community High School, three students allegedly got the offer through Instagram. Direct messages said a man "looking for fun" was paying cash for sex acts, promising "every time we meet, you make good money," according to the probable cause affidavit, according to WTHR13.

The boys he allegedly contacted, ages 15 and 16, tipped off police that a predator was trying to harm them.

"These juveniles did the right thing. They saw something and they said something," said Franklin Police Detective Jeff Merritt told the local news station. "They did the right thing. They contacted their teachers. They contacted the administration who talked to us."

Police then set up a sting in the parking lot of a Franklin movie theater. Patel showed up in a van, expecting a student. Upon his arrest, he confessed to the crime back at the police station.

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