Forbes magazine recently unveiled its 2019 "40 Under 40" list, with a pair of Indian American leaders making the cut.

Among the cohort of influential business leaders were Ankiti Bose and Arjun Bansal.

The list is comprised of young people in business who are disruptors, innovators, rebels and artists, according to Fortune.

Bose, 27, is the chief executive officer and founder of Zilingo.

Just 10 percent of the world’s venture capital–backed startups worth $1 billion had a female founder as of last year, Fortune notes. Bose is set to join that too-exclusive club, it said.

Along with onetime neighbor and current CTO Dhruv Kapoor, Bose launched the four-year-old Singapore-based startup after visiting Bangkok’s Chatuchak market and realizing its merchants had no easy way to sell their goods online, her bio notes.

What started as an aggregator of small fashion retailers has since expanded into business-to-business offerings, such as supply-chain tools, and has tapped into Southeast Asia’s booming Internet connectivity and smartphone adoption.

Its latest round of funding in February—led by Sequoia Capital and Temasek Holdings and raising $226 million—valued the firm with 600 employees across eight countries at $970 million, putting it within a rounding error of unicornship, the bio said.

Bansal, 35, is vice president of artificial intelligence software and the AI lab at Intel. In that role, Fortune says, Bansal has a lot on his plate.

With Nvidia’s graphics chips becoming popular as a way to power deep-learning tasks as well as a new breed of AI chip startups emerging, Bansal is charged with keeping Intel ahead of the curve, his bio notes.

His team of nearly 100 workers, scattered throughout the U.S., Israel and Poland, work on AI technologies like reinforcement learning and natural-language processing, all intended to help keep Intel’s silicon chips working swimmingly with the latest AI software, it said.

One of Intel’s key AI projects involves specialized computer chips developed by Nervana, the startup co-founded by Bansal and acquired by the chip giant in 2016 in a deal reportedly worth over $350 million.

The company revealed new details about the chips at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show, whetting the appetite of investors looking for Intel’s next big breakthrough, it said.

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