Thomas J. Colacot

Thomas J. Colacot

Washington, D.C. — Four Indian American scientists are among the recipients of the 2015 National Awards of the American Chemical Society.

Thomas J. Colacot from Johnson Matthey has been selected for the ACS Award in Industrial Chemistry, the release said.

Abhijit A. Namjoshi, along with several of his colleagues from Dow Chemicals, has been selected for the ACS Award for Team Innovation, a media release said.

Neil K. Garg from the University of California in Los Angeles has been selected for the Arthur C. Cope Scholar Award along with nine other scientists; while Joseph Reddy, of Endocyte, Inc., has won the George & Christine Sosnovsky Award for Cancer Research along with three other scientists.

The recipients will be honored at an awards ceremony on March 24, 2015, in conjunction with the 249th ACS national meeting in Denver, Colorado. 

Colacot’s ACS Award in Industrial Chemistry in one of the top honors in the field. The award is sponsored by the ACS Division of Business Development and Management and the ACS Division of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry.

He studied at St. Berchman’s College, Changanacherry, Kerala, and IIT, Chennai, and is the first Indian to get the award in industrial chemistry. He also holds an MBA degree and was elected as a Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry.

Currently Global R&D manager in the homogenous catalysis area at Johnson Matthey, a specialty chemicals company, Colacot directs research in U.S., UK and in Indian labs.

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