Four Indian Americans were among a group of people who hail from countries across the globe who were recognized with Immigrant Journey Awards.

The immigrants were highlighted at a gala event hosted by the Dallas, Texas-based law firm Scheef & Stone, the firm said in a press release.

Among the recipients were Mani Manickavelu, who received an Entrepreneur Award; Akash Patel, who was among the Immigrant Professional Excellence Award winners; and Raj and Aradhana Asava, who received Immigrant Spirit Award recipients.

"This will be our seventh year honoring exceptional immigrants at the Immigrant Journey Awards," said Ann Badmus, immigration attorney and partner, in a statement. "I believe it is vital that we continue to shine a spotlight on immigrant achievements and support the diversity the immigrant community brings to north Texas and the nation."

The event featured keynote speaker Gauthami Vemula, an Andhra Pradesh native who spoke on her journey to the U.S.

"I think especially in this day and age, we need to hang onto hope, with all the different crises going on in the world," Vemula said, according to the news release. "Being here felt amazing because that's what this country is built on. It's about immigrants, and that's what makes this nation."

The Entrepreneur Award honored these individuals as business owners who have founded highly successful businesses in DFW and who serve as models and inspirations of success, the release said.

"It is very important for immigrants to join together and support each other," Manickavelu said. "That was the best thing that I saw. Some of the stories that we heard were very inspiring."

Manickavelu is the chief executive officer of Plano, Texas-based Franchise for Growth as well as the CEO for Plano-based MyTaxFranchisor.

In addition to his leadership roles, he serves as a strategic adviser at both Knomadix and Applied Inner Science. Previously, the Indian American was the CEO at Siruvai Franchise LLC.

The Immigrant Professional Excellence Award honored these immigrants for demonstrating significant professional achievements in their fields and for their advancements positively impacting their profession and community.

The Immigrant Spirit Award recognized these winners as immigrant civic leaders who have contributed substantially to the community or region.

"There's an old saying," Raj Asava, a philanthropist and co-founder of the North Texas Food Bank Indo-American Council, said at the event. "'Charity begins at home.' And when we call the U.S. our home, let's make sure we look at where our needs are. You can volunteer, do food drives, donate money. The awards gave me the opportunity to speak on this. We're happy to be here."

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