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Neil Nayyar, a 13-year-old Indian American student from Elk Grove, Calif., can play 107 instruments from all over the world. (photo provided)

How many musical instruments can you learn in a year? One, two, or may be three. But a young Indian American musician has left everyone stunned with his musical capabilities.

In 2017, Neil Nayyar could play 44 instruments convincingly. In less than two years, the 13-year-old musical prodigy has gone on to master the tones and techniques of 107 musical instruments.

The Elk Grove, Calif.-based multi-instrumentalist who, in 2017, could play the pan flute, piano, American Indian flute, bulbul tarang, clarinet, ukulele, bansuri, African djembe, Australian didgeridoo, mandolin, harmonica diatonic, and the harp, among other instruments, earned Assist Foundation’s world record for being the “Youngest to Play Maximum Musical Instruments” that year.

And now, from the Saraswati Veena, jal tarang, viola and violin to tabla, bass guitar, banjo, gadulka and glass harp, Nayyar has perfected a total of 107 musical instruments from all over the world.

Nayyar told that “It just happened.”

Nayyar practices for eight hours every day and takes classes from 25 different music experts.

Nayyar is also currently in the midst of signing up with an acting agency in Los Angeles, Calif.

Nayyar’s talent became visible when he was taken to a drum class when he was five. According to a press release, he impressed everyone with his skills, and since then, there has been no looking back.

He practices constantly, trying to increase his expertise on instruments as well as exploring and finding new ones that he could attempt to play. He also devotes a fraction of his time to his other interests, which include hip-hop, jazz and Bollywood music. He also loves watching Bollywood films, especially those starring his favorite actor, Salman Khan.

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