Geetha Howie

Geetha Howie, 63, was fatally stabbed multiple times near her Staten Island, New York home. Howie was returning home from the bank, where she was getting money for an upcoming family wedding she planned to attend in Sri Lanka, but the motive for the crime did not appear to be robbery. (Facebook photo)

A 63-year-old Staten Island grandmother was fatally stabbed Nov. 27 afternoon by a stranger who allegedly attacked her a few blocks from her home.

The victim, Geetha Howie, was returning home from the bank when she was allegedly attacked by Dantey Moore, who appears to have stabbed her multiple times on her face and chest. Multiple local media reports state that robbery did not appear to be a motive in the heinous attack.

Howie had gone to the bank to get cash for a wedding she and her family planned to attend in Sri Lanka.

A neighbor, Mark Long, heard Howie’s screams and attempted to intervene. “At first, I thought it was kids messing around and when I came out to look, I saw two people on the ground on the corner,” neighbor Mark Long told CBS 2. “As I got closer, I realized it was a man stabbing a woman.”

Moore reportedly turned his knife on Long, who suffered a deep gash to his arm. “I yelled at him to stop and I shouted out to one of the neighbors, ‘Call 911,’” Long told CBS 2. “And we just faced each other, and I just tried to talk to him, keep his attention off the woman until police got there.”

“He said something about, 'she cheated, she cheated on me,’” said Long. “I didn't know what he meant by that,” Long told the Staten Island Advance.

In a bizarre twist, the attacker then dropped his knife and cradled the prone Howie in his arms until police and emergency services arrived. When police took him into custody, Moore appeared not to recall what he had just done. He has been charged with murder, assault, and possession of a deadly weapon.

Moore has a police record of 34 prior arrests.

Howie later died at Richmond University Medical Center. She and Moore lived in the same neighborhood but did not know each other, according to media reports.

Funeral services were to be conducted at the Harmon Funeral Home in Staten Island. 

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