The Harry S. Truman Scholarship Foundation recently announced its list of finalists for the 2018 scholar class, with over a dozen Indian American and South Asian American students among the crop.

The 194 finalists from 137 institutions were selected from a group of 756 files from 313 institutions reviewed by the foundation.

The chosen students were picked based on their records of leadership, public service and academic achievement, the foundation said.

Each of the finalists will be interviewed by the foundation's regional review panels between March 2 and April 6 with the official scholar class being announced April 20.

Among the finalists were Dipak Kumar and Kiran Sridhar from California, all of whom will be interviewing with the foundation March 19 in San Francisco. Kumar is a student at the University of Pennsylvania, while Sridhar studied at Santa Clara University and Stanford University, respectively.

Serene Singh and Mohini Tangri were chosen from Colorado, and will have their interviews March 21 in Denver. Singh is a student at the University of Colorado while Tangri studies at Washington and LeeUniversity.

In Georgia, the foundation will conduct interviews March 7 in Atlanta. Among the finalists in the state are Kavi Pandian of the University of Georgia and Vishnu Ramachandran, who studies out of state at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

In Massachusetts, students Akshayaa Chittibabu of the University of Connecticut and Jiya Nair of the University of Massachusetts were all named finalists. All the New England-based students will interview with the foundation March 9 in Boston, Mass.

Pennsylvania student Ayesha Durrani of Johns Hopkins University was among the finalists in the state and will be interviewed March 29 in Philadelphia.

In North Carolina, Sreevidhya Balasubramanian of the University of North Carolina at Charlotte was among the finalists. The UNCC student was interviewed in Washington, D.C., March 2.

Sravya Tadepalli, a student at the University of Oregon, was among the finalists named in the Pacific Northwest state. Washington student Sitara Nath, who studies in Oregon at the University of Portland, was among the finalists named in the state. Washington and Oregon students will interview March 16 in Seattle.

Sanah Jivani of the University of Texas at San Antonio and Kushal Kadakia of Duke University were among the Texas-based students named finalists for the 2018 scholarship program. They will be interviewed by the foundation March 5 in Austin.

Vishal Narayanaswamy of Wisconsin, who studies at U.C. Berkeley, was among the finalists named in the Midwest state. Narayanaswamy and others from Wisconsin, Minnesota and other states in the area will interview April 6 in St. Paul, Minn.

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