Forbes announced its “30 Under 30” list recently, with Indian Americans Pooja Chandrashekar, Sandeep Konam, Shrenik Jain, Ravi Shah and Prakriti Gaba among those honored in the Healthcare category.

The research of Chandrashekar, a 23-year-old Boston, Massachusetts, resident and Harvard Medical School doctoral candidate, uses data analytics to improve the quality of care.

A commentary she wrote arguing for states to mutually recognize medical licenses was used to advance legislation on telemedicine licensing reform, her profile notes.

During the pandemic, she started a health literacy project to translate Covid-19 information into 40-plus languages, the profile added.

Konam, 25, is the co-founder of Abridge AI, a consumer app that uses artificial intelligence to securely transcribe recorded medical conversations.

The Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, resident, who has a master’s in robotics from Carnegie Mellon University, leads Abridge's machine learning team.

The startup has raised $15 million in funding so far, the profile notes.

Jain, 24, and Shah, 29, are the co-founders of Marigold Health, an AI-based app that enables 24/7 peer support groups for people with mental health and substance use disorders.

Marigold is not meant to replace behavioral health providers, but to partner with them and help provide support, the report notes.

Researchers are currently conducting an NIH-funded study to evaluate the potential role of Marigold in helping patients with opioid addiction, it adds.

Gaba, 28, a Boston resident, is a physician and researcher who was on the frontlines of the Covid-19 pandemic at New York Presbyterian Hospital.

Inspired by this tragic experience, the CalTech grad began to advocate for change to increase the speed and efficiency of clinical trials that could lead to new treatments.

She was the first author of an article in Nature Reviews Cardiology detailing ways to transform the clinical trial process and incorporate remote consent and monitoring programs, as well as more diverse patient recruitment, the profile said.

The 600 young entrepreneurs, activists, scientists and entertainers featured in the 10th Annual Forbes “30 Under 30” list give everyone reason to hope, Forbes said.

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