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The Houston Tamil Studies Chair recently honored Anand Sahu, board member, Ministry of Finance, Labor and Employment, Government of India. (l-r): S. Narayanan, Perumal Annamalai, Anand Sahu, HTSC president Sam Kannappan, Dr. S.G. Appan, Dr. N. Ganesan, Dr. P. Vaduganathan. (photo provided)

The Houston Tamil Studies Chair recently hosted Anand Sahu, board member, Ministry of Finance, Labor and Employment, Government of India.

Sahu, who was visiting from New Delhi, spent two days in Houston, Texas, as part of his program in the U.S.

His Houston program, coordinated by HTSC Indian American president Sam Kannappan and board members, included a visit to Sri Meenakshi Temple, where he was received by temple chairman Dhani Kannan, secretary Partha and treasurer Bhargavi Golla.

The HTSC board made a presentation to Sahu about its mission. Kannappan also presented an appeal letter for Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, requesting funds from the Government of India to establish an endowed chair at the University of Houston, according to a press release.

Sahu was then accorded the title of ‘Ambassador – Liaison to New Delhi,’ said the release.

HTSC has so far received $610,000 in pledges towards the one million Phase-1 goal, it said.

The Tamil Nadu Government has honored HTSC with an endorsement and a grant of Rs. one crore. Tamil Nadu Deputy Chief Minister contributed $10,000 from his own personal fund.

Sahu was honored by Pearland Mayor Kevin Cole at an event at the Kannappan Art Museum. He also paid a visit to Consul General of India Aseem Mahajan.

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