Sethy Mayor

An Indian American businessman, Sanat Sethy, is running for mayor in San Ramon, Calif., hoping to unseat Bill Clarkson, who has held the seat since 2011. ( photo)

An Indian American businessman and engineer, Sanat Sethy, is hoping to gain a voice in the San Francisco East Bay city of San Ramon, Calif. – as a candidate for the mayoral seat.

On his campaign website,, he asks, "Why shouldn't I run for mayor," and then proceeds to explain exactly why he is qualified.

An 11-year resident of the city, where he lives with his wife and two children, Sethy said his engineering and M.B.A. degrees, coupled with his long business career, led to him becoming a member of the city's Economic Development Advisory Committee to help shape the financial future of San Ramon.

Sethy is currently the director of VATVEZ, where he specializes in product development and program management.

Now, he wants a shot at unseating incumbent Bill Clarkson, who has held the seat since 2011.

"Making the decision to run against an entrenched incumbent, one who ran unopposed in the last election, wasn't something I considered lightly," Sethy said. "My entire family was involved in this decision. But in the end we all said, 'Why not me?' I have all the tools, the community connections and a deep passion for San Ramon that is second only to the passion I have for my family."

Sethy, in explaining what issues he hopes to resolve if elected to the seat, said that the parks, hills and golf courses need to be protected from unwanted development.

Additionally, the candidate said the city needs to solve and prevent traffic gridlock throughout the community. He also said the council and mayor need to partner with the district to solve school overcrowding.

Other issues he believes needs fixing include funding for the city landscape; crime control; security for the future by building back financial reserves; using existing technology to improve the lives and safety of the community; and make using the city parks for sports teams free.

"We have so much at stake — our greenspaces, our budget, traffic, our safety, our schools and more. I know I can do a better job than what has been done and I stand ready to prove it," Sethy said. "Please give me your vote for mayor of San Ramon."

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