Varghese election

Indian American attorney Sachin Varghese lost the run-off election Dec. 5 for the Georgia state Legislature. ( photo)

Hoping to claim the state Senate seat in Georgia's 89th House District, Indian American candidate Sachin Varghese fell just short.

Voters elected to go with Bee Nguyen for the seat, with 52 percent choosing the victor's side to 48 percent hoping for a Varghese-led district.

The special election results Nov. 7 had Nguyen, a Democrat, claim 39.7 percent of the vote, nearly 6 percent more than Democrat counterpart Varghese, leading to the runoff (see earlier India-West story here).

Democrats Monique Keane and David Abbott also ran in the general election but were distant losers.

Despite theoretically having a 50-50 chance at winning the seat, Varghese, an attorney, did face an uphill battle in the runoff. He needed to snag all of the votes from the voters who checked off for Keane and Abbott in the general, plus collect more votes, in order to surpass Nguyen.

Varghese, a pro-labor candidate, was hoping to become the first Indian American in the Georgia state Legislature.

The Indian American ran a low-key, grassroots campaign, but quickly earned the support of elected officials, including Rep. Scott Holcomb, and Georgia state Senator Emanuel Jones.

The seat had been vacant by state Rep. Stacey Abrams, a Democrat, who is focusing on a campaign for governor.

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