Ajmera Files:

Dimple Ajmera has officially filed for her bid for the state treasurer post in North Carolina. (photo provided)

Dimple Ajmera, an award-winning businesswoman and Charlotte, North Carolina, councilwoman, Dec. 31 announced she has officially filed paperwork in her bid for the state treasurer post.

Ajmera passed the papers on Dec. 12, a news release said.

“I am running for North Carolina State Treasurer to offer the citizens of North Carolina a qualified, forward-thinking candidate who will fight for their concerns and protect taxpayers’ money,” the Indian American said in a statement.

She became the third Democratic candidate in the race, along with Matt Leatherman and Ronnie Chatterji, both of Raleigh, the report said. (See India-West story here: https://bit.ly/2rJfFfe)

Republican incumbent Dale Folwell is running for a second term.

The treasurer oversees the retirement system for state and local government employees as well as a health care plan that serves more than 720,000 people in North Carolina — including close to 39,000 in Mecklenburg County and more than 93,000 in Wake County, according to the Observer.

Ajmera, a CPA, said one reason she’s running is to restore “respect” to public employees. The city and Folwell were recently at odds over Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Chief Kerr Putney’s attempt to retire at the end of the year and then return temporarily to his current job two months later. He has since decided to postpone retirement, the report noted.

“It goes back to restoring respect to our teachers and police and all public employees,” Ajmera said in an interview with the publication. “I see a lack of respect.”

She also said she would work more closely with hospitals on health care costs and push for Medicaid expansion, it said.

An Indian American, Ajmera arrived in the U.S. from India at 16 speaking no English. She went on to the University of Southern California.

First appointed to council in 2017, she was the city’s first Asian American official, the report added.

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