7-11 attack

Indian American Baljinder Kaur, 55, bravely stepped in as she saw two men attacking a 7-11 store clerk in Fremont, Washington. Two other suspects attacked her, leaving her with several facial injuries. (KIRO 7 screen grab)

A 7-11 customer and clerk were hospitalized May 2 after four suspects attacked the clerk at a Fremont, Washington location.

Indian American customer Baljinder Kaur, 55, jumped in to help when she saw two of the suspects attacking the male clerk, who has not been named by police or in local media reports. Two other suspects, who had been sitting outside in a get-away car then turned on her. The four male suspects began pummeling Kaur and the clerk.

The clerk suffered a cut to the head. Kaur also suffered injuries to her face. Two days after leaving the hospital, she was still in great pain, according to her son Deep Singh, who told KIRO 7 he planned to take his mother back to the hospital.

The entire incident, which occurred at the store’s entrance, was captured on surveillance video.

Singh told the news station it is unlike his mother to step into the midst of a battle.

“She saw the two people hitting one person. They were hitting him on the head and he trying to close the door,” he said.

"And they start punching her on the face and everything," he said. "Yeah, and my mother and the clerk. She was brave. Like she's trying to stop them, with the four people."

He says his 55-year-old mother continued to fight even after the clerk was knocked unconscious.

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