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Chatstasy founder and CEO Ram Seshan. (Twitter/ ramsesh1 photo)

Chatstasy LLC May 11 announced the enhanced release of their smartphone app that promises to make life easier and simpler for elderly and physically challenged people.

These users are often embarrassed and frustrated when they try to use newer smartphone technology to make a call or send a text, the San Diego, California-based company said in a news release.

Their favorite old-style flip phones can hardly be purchased anymore or are no longer supported by their carrier, it noted in an email to India-West.

Responding to the needs of these of the elderly and an overall need for more innovations around smartphone communication, the company released an enhanced app offering a totally unique solution that eliminates such personal embarrassments and frustrations, it said.

The app not only helps the elderly, it can also become a valuable communication tool for all age groups, according to the release.

Chatstasy, whose founder and CEO is Indian American entrepreneur Ram Seshan, boasts it is unlike any other app. Aimed at making it simple and easy to use a smartphone, the app offers a robust set of unique, patent-pending features, it said.

Navigation and use become less complicated resulting in a far less frustrating user experience. Unique features include Unified Calling and Texting, Urgent Calling, Voice Mail Service, No-Ring Voice Messaging, Time Broadcasting, Do-not-Disturb Broadcasting, On Airplane Mode Broadcasting, Profile Image Broadcasting, and Number Change Notification, the release notes.

Its robust features are easily custom tailored to the needs of the users without sacrificing user privacy and security, it said.

“In fact, our app may even save someone’s life during this COVID-19 pandemic,” said Seshan.

For example, the release continued, by opening the app, users will always have a red emergency button on the screen to call an ambulance anywhere in the world. The app will also automatically notify their loved ones with the location when a call to emergency services is made, it said.

“Our products are free and available on Apple and Android phones. During our beta-test phase, this enhanced version was put through rigorous testing by over 300 early adopters who also contributed valuable user feedback,” Seshan added. “We are confident you will also be excited when you start using it,” the Indian American entrepreneur said.

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