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Boston, Mass.-based entrepreneur Subu Kota has donated $1 million to the Samarthanam Trust to promote cricket for the blind, globally. (Jay Srinivasan photo)

Boston, Mass., entrepreneur Subu Kota, founder and CEO of the Boston Group USA, announced he is donating $1 million to the India-based Samarthanam Trust for the Disabled to support cricket for the blind worldwide.

The Indian American entrepreneur made the announcement about the donation to the Samarthanam Trust during a celebration of the 50th anniversary of his arrival to the United States last month, an Oct. 5 press release said.

“I fell in love with Samarthanam, their mission and their commitment to help the disabled, especially the blind. I want to promote cricket for the blind worldwide,” Kota, who has been a supporter of the Samarthanam Trust for several years, said in a statement.

“I go to India three to four times every year and I visit Samarthanam Trust. I have become a big fan of World Cup Cricket for the Blind since it was first held in Bangalore in 2012, and now I want to spread it across the United States and worldwide,” he said.

The mission of Samarthanam is to empower visually impaired, disabled and underprivileged people through developmental initiatives focusing on educational, social, economic, cultural and technological aspects.

Samarthanam envisions touching at least 100,000 lives by 2020, providing comprehensive solutions to the disabled and underserved communities, the release said.

The Samarthanam Trust has been providing education, livelihood facilities, infrastructure, technology and a plethora of other need-based support to the disabled and underprivileged. The trust’s goal is to ensure that sufficient opportunities reach each and every person both in academics and sports, it added.

“Giving to great causes does not help monetarily, but it takes care of peace of mind. The nature of helping and taking care of the things and people I care about is part of my life’s journey,” Kota noted. “Giving gives me enormous joy and builds my confidence levels.”

Kota is a serial entrepreneur with more than 40 years of broad experience ranging from IT consulting, e-Learning services and pharmaceuticals research and manufacturing. He has also been involved in start-ups in various sectors. Kota is charter member of TiE Boston and has served as chairman of the board of trustees of the India Society of Worcester.

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