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Los Angeles, Calif. -based Indian American fashion blogger Aditi Oberoi Malhotra is the creative force behind the lifestyle website Fancy Correctitude. (Aditi Oberoi Malhotra/LinkedIn photo)

From why do you need hyaluronic acid in your skincare routine to things you can do to look ten years younger than your age to top jewelry and fashion trends to how to maximize success in your life, Indian American fashion blogger and digital influencer Aditi Oberoi Malhotra has tips spanning across various topics.

The Los Angeles, Calif.-based blogger, who now has thousands of followers, started her blogging career in 2015 with through which she offers information about everything from fashion, beauty, travel and lifestyle.

Fancycorrectitude, according to its website, is an outlet to showcase “her creative vision – daily style, beauty tips, latest trends with her take on them and give a fresh perspective that resonates with her readers and inspires them.”

With a degree in fashion and background in business, Malhotra, born and raised in New Delhi, always had a creative bent of mind and that resulted in the creation of Fancy Correctitude, it says.

The young mom now has close to 800,000 followers on Instagram alone where she shares with them her experiences, her style tips and, sometimes, her intimate moments with her husband and toddler son.  

“I remember when I first started blogging in 2015 it was just an outlet to share my outfits, what inspired me – from runway photos to editorials, about beauty and things I liked. It wasn’t something I decided to ‘be,’ it was something that happened over time and became a fulltime job with the development of this industry and the growth of my website and other social media accounts,” she told Deccan Herald. “It eventually grew to become a community where I share all things fashion, beauty, travel, and more!”

A huge following like hers on social media these days results in brand collaborations and mentions.

Her strategy, she said, was to create quality content, consistently. And after putting in a ton of hard work and subsequently gaining digital popularity, big brands like Louis Vuitton, Dior, Givenchy, among others, came calling in.

“I remember walking into the LVMH headquarters for the first time, that’s when I had my first pinch-me moment,” she told Deccan Herald, adding that she now has a team to support her.

Malhotra, according to her LinkedIn page, has collaborated with brands such as Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, Laura Mercier, Lancôme, Clarins, Sephora, Absolut, and Saks, among others.

In 2017, she was featured in Vanity Fair magazine as one of the top influencers. 

Celebrating the huge milestone, Malhotra wrote on her blog: “Do what you love and give it your 100 percent or at least try. Along the way I have been tempted with a lot of brand collaborations that I passed up just purely on the basis of, I didn’t believe it resonated well with Fancy Correctitude. So you have to stay true to yourself and learn to say no…Your competition should not be people around you but you, yourself."

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