MathandCoding Expands

The nonprofit organization MathandCoding, co-founded by Indian American Anika Cheerla, has announced it has expanded to include machine learning and engineering workshops for kids. (photo provided)

The nonprofit MathandCoding, a San Francisco Bay Area-based organization that teaches coding to kids, June 11 announced it has expanded its offering to include machine learning and engineering workshops to its lessons.

The organization as a whole has grown since being founded by three high school students to hold lessons at more than 25 libraries and community centers throughout the area.

The success has led to co-founder Anika Cheerla saying the organization has ventured into physics, engineering and machine learning.

MathandCoding started machine learning and AI for Girls initiative about a year ago to encourage middle and high school girls to learn machine learning and artificial intelligence, which Cheerla said are the future technologies sweeping all facets of life.

“It was received with a lot of enthusiasm,” the Indian American said in an email to India-West of the workshop, where students learn to use open databases to create models and do predications.

Additionally, MathandCoding started electric bike making workshops, hands-on workshops where students build electric bikes from scratch and get to ride their bikes, too.

Similarly, a hands-on physics and Arduino workshops let students create LED lamps, working electric-circuits and so on, Cheerla said.

Cheerla also developed an app, Coding is Good, to teach Python programming to kids. The app is free for everyone to download and is available in both Android and iPhone versions. It has already gained a lot of popularity among kids, with 1,500-plus downloads in the first two months.

“It's a fun way to learn to code during the summer,” Cheerla noted. 

More information about MathandCoding and their summer workshops can be found by visiting their site,

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