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Nisha Sharma, a real estate agent, is running as a GOP candidate for Congress in the East Bay of the San Francisco Bay Area in California. (photo provided)

Indian American Nisha Sharma is hoping to unseat Democratic U.S. Rep. Mark DeSaulnier of California’s 11th Congressional District in the upcoming general election.

The Republican candidate came to the U.S. from Ludhiana, Punjab, 16 years ago to pursue the American Dream.

“And by God’s grace I was given opportunities beyond my wildest imagination to apply my degree from Punjab University in business and accounting, become one of Contra Costa County’s most successful real estate agents, and to raise a family in our wonderful, loving and wholesome community,” she told India-West in an interview.

Sharma has been voting for Democratic candidates in most elections. That changed when Donald Trump became the Republican nominee, she said.

Her inspiration to running for office began with what she called “the largest assault on our American democracy: the impeachment of President Donald Trump.”

“A president who has brought America the most prosperity in our lifetimes; a president that is ending endless wars of his predecessors; and a president who is striving to Make America Great Again,” she said.

The challenger says that the incumbent, DeSaulnier, “went right along as Speaker Pelosi’s puppet without any question, wasted American taxpayers’ resources that would be spent on the ridiculous spectacle that they knew was false.”

She claimed DeSaulnier has been in Congress for three terms, and has “nothing of any real merit to show our district’s constituents except maybe renaming a post office or two.”

The GOP candidate says the Democratic “left” has failed to bring tangible solutions in government, work across the aisle, and ensure the safety and security of cities across the country – at every level of government.

Her hope is to bring a fresh perspective to Congress “that is not hindered by any entrenched special interests,” she told India-West.

As a successful businesswoman and civic society leader, Sharma says she is more than qualified to ensure the next generation of Americans will have access to their American Dreams.

“This can be done by fixing the tax code, fixing health care, and allowing parents to choose how and where best to educate their children,” she explained to this publication. “As an immigrant who came to the U.S. legally, I know the trials of the broken immigration system and the need to fix it so American citizens are granted opportunities for gainful employment before we bring in foreign labor,” she adds.

“This can be done by remedying the green card backlog and limiting H-1B and similar programs until the recovery is complete,” she added.

Sharma believes her story of coming to the U.S., “barely escaping what would become another repressive tenure of the socialistic Indian National Congress, that refused to effectively respond to radical Islamic terrorism and radical leftist extremism,” is something she can use as life experience to be the right person for the position.

“They sought to suppress liberty, freedom of religion and did nothing to provide any opportunity for the common man and woman across India – instead playing political games at every possible opportunity,” she added. “The leftist playbook is the same in the United States as it is in India, and across the world.”

Sharma says she was raised to value hard work, discipline, determination and, above all, faith in herself.

“Nowhere in the world is my story more possible than right here in the East Bay of the great state of California,” she said.

Additionally, she says DeSaulnier hasn’t been seen in public in months.

“If he doesn’t have the energy or health to take on the challenges of being in federally elected office, he should gracefully resign,” she said. “The people of the East Bay need a fighter to bring lasting change to their district.”

When asked about hot-button issues such as the recent wildfires and COVID-19, Sharma also believes she has the answer to fixing those concerns for her would-be constituents.

“I would note that no Democrat, including DeSaulnier, in Congress is calling for scientifically proven forest management techniques that can prevent mass wildfires,” she told India-West. “But the left wing of the Democrats at the state level are wasting precious time on the outrageously expensive Green New Deal that we are scratching our heads over.”

As for her COVID-19 plan: “Reopen the economy. Healthy people get back to work and school. Immunocompromised individuals must protect themselves. The damaging effects of shutting down will far outweigh anything else: increased substance abuse, evictions, job losses, etc.,” she said.

She added the need to bring back PPE and pharma manufacturing to create immediate jobs and protect the national stockpile.

Sharma then took a jab at Democratic vice-presidential nominee Kamala Harris.

“Don’t listen to Kamala Harris on the vaccine because she’s just another political hack. Also support the use of hydroxychloroquine as a prophylactic for healthy people treating Covid-19,” she said.

Additionally, Sharma wants to establish Opportunity Zones in the district, especially poor areas, where businesses can set up shop with tax incentives to create jobs, helping revitalize communities.

She says she will support $1.75 billion in additional funding for law enforcement training, not defunding police.

She adds that she will work across the aisle to protect Medicare and Social Security, “but they must reach back.”

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