Shivani Anand

Accomplished high school junior Shivani Anand (center), who has received a number of awards as well as a perfect SAT score, established an organization to help underprivileged students in Southern California. (photo provided)

An Indian American high school junior at Fullerton, Calif.-based Troy High School has created an organization to help inspire underprivileged students.

Shivana Anand, 16, has already achieved so much at her young age.

She notched up a 1600 SAT score on her first try, and won awards at the high school’s annual Wittry Competition and the Cal Poly Pomona High School Programming Competition, the latter in which she was the only female competitor in the top 10, taking fourth.

Additionally, she is the team captain for her school's nationally acclaimed Cyber Defense program. Academically, she is among her school's Top 100 students, Principal's Honor Roll, National Honor Society, and is an IB full diploma candidate.

Anand recently represented California on the international stage at Health Occupations Students of America's International Leadership Conference. She is a member of Troy's Science Olympiad team, which holds the national record for most national championships. 

However, according to a news release, Anand’s most notable accomplishment is her organization Techtacular, which she co-founded with her sister.

Techtacular is a completely volunteer-led organization that teaches free and hands-on workshops, events and classes to make technology accessible to kids of all backgrounds through free classes and events.

Since its inception in June, Techtacular has taught 10 classes and reached over 80 elementary school students. Participants in Techtacular's events have learned a variety of technology concepts such as app development, Scratch programming, and networking and how the Internet works.

To further expand this organization by encouraging other high schoolers to get involved and volunteer, Anand brought it to her school and started the Troy High Techtacular chapter in September of this year.

To date, she has encouraged more than 20 high school students from multiple schools to make a difference in their communities by volunteering at Techtacular's numerous events throughout Orange County.

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