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Protective face masks being contributed in Northern California by Mitesh Jivan and Alpesh Jivan of TenSeventy Hospitality. (photo provided)

A group of young second- and third-generation Indian American and Asian-American hoteliers has set up #HospitalityStrong, a grassroots organization designed to leverage resources in the hotel industry to provide targeted assistance to communities across the country immediately in response to the coronavirus crisis, and eventually on an ongoing basis for other emergency situations. 

#HospitalityStrong is currently in the process of donating 200,000 protective face masks to hospitals in seven states, according to a press release. This is the group’s second contribution and it follows an initial gift last month of 25,000 face masks to 11 hospitals in four states. 

“We are on our way toward reaching a donation of 500,000 masks by our various participating hotel ownership companies,” explained Neal Patel, who serves as secretary of AAHOA and helped assemble the #HospitalityStrong group along with Bijal Patel, who is chairman of CH&LA. 

“To be a good hotelier and properly serve guests, you have to give of yourself every day,” added Bijal Patel. “Our mask donation is another way for us to give of ourselves, this time to the communities we serve.” 

Mayur “Mike” Patel, managing partner of Prosper Hospitality in Texas, put it simply but emphatically when he said that “hospitality truly never stops.” 

It was Mitesh Jivan of TenSeventy Hospitality in California – who also operates Jivan LED, an LED lighting business – that used his LED contacts in Asia to secure a large quantity of masks at a time of high-demand, said the release. 

“Our group’s ultimate goal, beyond our current donation of face masks, is to create a pool of hotel industry contacts and energy that we can mobilize quickly and effectively whenever a crisis impacts our country, especially the communities where we operate,” said Jivan. 

Alpesh Jivan, Mitesh’s brother and also a group co-founder, said, “We want #HospitalityStrong to live on past this pandemic and be a part of the solution for future crises.” 

“Hospitality means more than renting a hotel room – we are in the business of anticipating needs and solving problems for our guests as well as for our neighborhoods,” added Taran Patel of A1 Hospitality Group, based in Oregon. “The #HospitalityStrong movement, and how quickly we have attracted support from our fellow owners throughout the country, are powerful proof of just how special, how responsive, and how responsible our industry is.” 

“This pandemic has affected more lives than anyone ever imagined,” said Shirin Patel, principal with Canterbury Hotel Group in Oregon. “When protective supplies became scarce, we harnessed our know-how and clout so collectively we could accomplish what individual hospitals were having a hard time doing.” 

The 12 hoteliers and the eight companies who serve as the trustees and founders of #HospitalityStrong are: 

  • Taran Patel, managing partner at A1 Hospitality Group, which operates properties in Oregon and Washington
  • Neal Patel and Avi “Sunny” Patel, founders and managing partners of Blue Chip Hotels, which operates in Texas
  • Shirin Patel, principal at Canterbury Hotel Group, with properties in Oregon
  • Suraj R. Patel, president, and Ravi Govin, vice president, of Clutch Hotel Group in Texas
  • Bijal Patel, CEO and principal of Coast Redwood Hospitality, in Northern California
  • Mayur “Mike” Patel, managing partner, and Amish Patel, director, of Prosper Hospitality in Texas
  • Mitesh Jivan and Alpesh Jivan, founders and managing partners of TenSeventy Hospitality in California
  • Sawan H. Patel, managing partner at Unity Hotels Group in Texas.

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