Indian American entrepreneur Harry Arora has announced his intentions to run for Congress in Connecticut’s 4th Congressional District.

An investment firm founder, Arora, of Greenwich, Conn., recently filed his paperwork to seek the Republican Party’s nomination in 2018 to run against Democratic incumbent and fellow Greenwich resident, Rep. Jim Himes.

Arora, 48, announced Dec. 29 that his platform will be “to protect our freedoms, to improve the lives of the most vulnerable in our society and ensure that we remain a land of equal opportunity for every American.”

Specifically, Arora says the issues he will fight for include the Connecticut economy, healthcare and improving government.

Having immigrated as a graduate school student from India, Arora in 2012 co-founded Northlander Advisors. The investment firm, which Arora still runs, focuses on European energy.

“My understanding of economics and policy framework will allow me to propose thoughtful policies to reverse the harm being inflicted by current policies,” he said in the statement.

Arora is a former employee of Amaranth Advisors, LLC, a Greenwich-based hedge fund that collapsed in 2006. He had left the firm before that to start ARCIM Advisors, LLC, an investment management firm focused on commodities.

“After a successful business career, I want to serve the public cause. I consider that my duty. I have been blessed with the American dream. Now it is my turn to give back and serve,” the statement added.

"Through this experience, I gained an understanding of government policy and its impact on economy, employment and living standards," Arora said about his qualifications. "I learned in great detail about our fiscal and monetary policies. I came to understand the impact of immigration, employment trends and industry structure. This experience has given me an appreciation of how incentives are critical for the success of a system."

The candidate, who lives in Greenwich with his wife Nisha and their three children, has criticized both Himes and state Gov. Dannel P. Malloy, saying their policies have failed Connecticut.

Arora has also criticized the Affordable Care Act and says he will propose policies to lower healthcare costs and provide more consumer choice. Additionally, he says recent policy has attacked the state financial services and insurance industries instead of attracting entrepreneurs and jobs.

The 4th Congressional District had once been a solidly Republican seat, occupied for decades by GOP Reps. Stewart McKinney and Christopher Shays, but Himes has been hard for Republicans to topple since he first beat Shays in 2008, the Stamford Advocate said in a report. In 2016, Himes beat Republican John Shaban with more than 59 percent of the vote.

In introducing himself to the hundreds of thousands of district voters, Arora said his values are freedom, opportunity and compassion.

The candidate said freedoms are being attacked by terrorism, eroded by the digital age and corroded by excessive taxation.

With regard to opportunity, which Arora says underlines the American dream, he says there is now a call to move from equality of opportunity to equality of outcomes.

And with compassion, Arora says those who are struggling should have unconditional help to get them back on their feet, citing inadequate healthcare that must be fixed with efficient programs and smarter spending on the national level.

Arora said his interest in public service began when he was 10 and served food at a soup kitchen. To further his commitment to public service, he went to Harvard's Kennedy School of Government for a second master's degree.

"I have spent time researching and analyzing our policies and brainstorming with real world practitioners. I am ready to put this learning to work and serve meaningfully," he said on his campaign website. "I want to be your representative in the U.S. Congress. I am well prepared to do this job and know that I can serve you well. I am driven by results and can get things done. I ask for a fair chance. I promise I will deliver."

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