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Republican Indian American Manga Anantatmula alleged voter fraud after she lost her bid for Virginia’s 11th district Congressional seat to incumbent Democrat Gerry Connolly. Anantatmula has refused to concede. (Facebook photo)

Republican Indian American Manga Anantatmula has alleged voter fraud and is refusing to concede after she lost her bid for Virginia’s 11th district Congressional seat to incumbent Democrat Gerry Connolly in the Nov. 3 election.

Anantatmula, a government contractor, received a little over 28 percent of the vote: 107, 368 votes. Connolly, who has served in Congress since 2009, swept the race with 217,400 votes: 71.4 percent.

“Why do people think I have to concede? I will not concede until after the Supreme Court decision on irregularities and massive voter fraud nationwide,” said Anantatmula on Facebook Nov. 9, referring to President Donald Trump’s avowal to bring the issue of voter fraud before the Supreme Court; the outgoing president has also refused to concede his race to President-elect Joe Biden, who won both the popular vote and the electoral college vote by a wide margin.

The race has not been certified, noted Anantatmula, alleging: “If the Supreme Court finds fraud, then the certifying official may go to jail. So everyone is trying to save their skin while playing the wait game.”

The native of Vijayawada alleged that mail-in ballots caused a “dump” of several hundred thousand ballots favoring Democrats in Virginia. “Gerry Connolly aided this massive voter fraud operation. In Fairfax county the Dem poll watchers outnumbered the Republicans,” she alleged.

Pointing to the jubilant celebrations that erupted across the nation Nov. 7 morning as Biden and Harris were declared victors, Anantatmula tweeted: “COVID doesn’t stop the Dems from taking on streets for rioting, protests, and celebrating Biden win. But, it certainly stops them from going to polls to vote.”

“Mail-in ballots should be void (sic) just for this reason alone,” she said.

Connolly did not respond to Anantatmula’s tweets, stating instead: “We have a new President-elect. Now we get on to the awesome tasks of reconstructing our battered democracy and healing our beleaguered, beloved nation.” He urged General Services Administrator Emily Murphy to recognize the Biden-Harris win, and to begin the transition “without delay.” Murphy has been accused of stalling the transfer of power from Trump to Biden.

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