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A screenshot from a meeting with Arjun Gupta, Rayan Garg, and 19 Elevate the Future state and national chapter presidents. (photo provided/elevatethefuture.org)

Elevate the Future, a high school student-led educational nonprofit based in California, is helping small businesses stay afloat during COVID-19 and beyond. Co-founded by Indian American students Arjun Gupta from Lynbrook High School and Rayan Garg from Archbishop Mitty High School, Elevate the Future has a team of over 300 students across 33 chapters in 14 states and 16 countries, according to a press release.

Through Project Falcon, a project led by Gupta, Garg, Keshav Pradeep, Tanay Biradar, and Pranay Tiru, Elevate the Future is creating free websites and online ordering platforms for struggling small businesses while teaching middle school students (aged 9-14) web design.

Elevate the Future’s experienced web design instructors work with small businesses to understand what they would like to see in their website, and continue to work with the owners until they are happy with the final product.

As middle school students are taught HTML and CSS by Elevate the Future instructors, they gain the opportunity to utilize their newfound web design skills to help create websites for a real business. Elevate the Future’s instructors guide the middle school students through the creation of the website, teaching students web design while helping small businesses.

“We recognized a problem in our education system. Students don’t have a place to apply their knowledge back into their communities,” said cofounder Gupta. “Additionally, especially during COVID-19, small businesses without websites are struggling to bring in revenue. This is why we created Project Falcon. We’re allowing students to apply their learnings to create tangible websites that greatly assist struggling small businesses.”

For this initiative, Elevate the Future has partnered with the City of Cupertino, Kiva, Grow with Google, and Novaris Consulting. They project creating websites and online stores for dozens of small businesses this summer and hope to see this initiative producing thousands of dollars in additional revenue for each business they assist, added the release.

“It’s really inspiring to speak with these small business owners and hear how we’ve changed the way they are able to produce revenue during the pandemic,” Gupta added.

If you are a small business owner and would like a free website and online ordering platform, please email Elevate the Future at teamfalcon@elevatethefuture.org

To learn more, visit Elevate the Future at elevatethefuture.org.

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