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Thirteen-year-old Indian American student Kamal Kiran Raju Yerra will graduate June 21 from Excelsior College in New York with a bachelor of science in business degree. (Kamal Kiran Raju Yerra/Facebook photo)

Achieving a rare feat, Kamal Kiran Raju Yerra, a 13-year-old Indian American student, has completed his bachelor of science in business degree from Excelsior College in New York. He is set to graduate June 21.

According to a press release, the South Carolina-based prodigy accelerated his school courses when he was 10 and started earning college credits online through the content providers approved by American Council on Education and National College Credit Recommendation Service courses. Yerra accumulated 140-plus college credits from ACE and NCCRS.

But to enroll at Excelsior College, Yerra needed to get a high school diploma. After “careful research, support, and approval from his parents,” said the press release, he was able to complete four years of high school academics online in just a few months from Penn Foster High School.

After completing his bachelor’s degree with a 4/4 GPA, the young genius is all set to apply to the master of business program at Harvard University. “Beyond that, I hope to be a business leader that will change the world for others,” said Yerra.

However, he isn’t the only prodigy in the family. Yerra and his 15-year-old brother, Shashi Kiran Raju Yerra, are both set to graduate with their bachelor’s degrees on the same day.

Yerra’s parents, Durga and Ravi Yerra, were born and raised in India, and have successful software careers that paved the way for them to immigrate to the U.S.

“We are so pleased that both of our boys, Shashi and Kamal, have been blessed with a natural ability to learn and excel in their academic endeavors,” said Ravi Yerra.

Durga Yerra added that that she wants her children to be happy in whatever they want to do and that she is extremely proud of Kamal for being one of the youngest in the world to achieve a bachelor of science degree in business.

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[thumbup] WoW!! He seems to be in world's top 10 list of child prodigies ever who earned a four year bachelor degree.... Do you guys have a video interview of him?

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