Two Indian American teenagers in Redmond, Washington, Vanesha Hari and Varshini Hari, seeing the need to raise funds to provide free meals for the underserved children in their school district, and to support mental health programs, joined forces with the Lake Washington Schools Foundation to hold a fundraiser, resulting in a donation of $2000 towards this cause.

In 2016, the two teens co-founded a nonprofit initiative called Joys of Giving, believing strongly that education is the only powerful tool to bring about any change in the world. Since then, they have raised $12,800 for various nonprofits, volunteered more than 100 hours, and collaborated with at least five nonprofit organizations in their local community, according to an email to India-West.

After few visits to India, the youngsters were inspired to make a difference and help the underprivileged communities; they are now expanding their community service work globally by raising funds for a children’s home in India where several unclaimed children, especially girls, need education, meals, and necessities.

Vanesha Hari was one out of more than 1200 students in her middle school to be awarded a Community Service Award for her exemplary service and empathy in founding a nonprofit initiative for the betterment of the community.

She was also recently selected as the youngest to receive the STEM in Action community award by the Society of Women Engineers, the world’s largest advocate of women technologists.

Together, Vanesha and Varshini have mentored and taught young girls – especially in underserved communities – through more than 300 hours in various topics of math and technology, especially the underserved.

To learn more, visit and if you wish to donate visit

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