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The mobile app for ordering an Uber car is seen on a smartphone. (representational image/Carsten Koall/picture alliance via Getty Images)

NEW YORK – An Indian American Uber driver, Kuldip Singh, has been killed, allegedly by a 15-year-old, as New York City faces rising levels of violence, according to media reports.

Singh, 21, was shot in his car on Sept. 4 and died of his injuries Sept. 8, WABC TV reported.

He had been injured in a shootout between a passenger in his car and the teenager who was also injured in the exchange of fire and remained hospitalized, the station said.

The New York Post reported that police believe the driver was hit by a shot fired by the teen, whose identity has not been revealed as he is a minor.

New York City has so far recorded 1,086 shootings, 314 murders, 1,009 rapes, and 14,783 serious assaults this year, according to police statistics.

The city has seen a spike in violence with last year's murder and serious assault numbers being the worst since 2012 and the reported rapes the most in a year since 2013.

Officials have blamed the rise in crime over the last two years to the Covid-19 pandemic which curtailed the working of the court system.

India-West Staff Reporter adds: Singh was in his second month with the ride-sharing company when the bullet struck the back of his head. At the hospital, surgeons were never able to remove the bullet, and he lost most of his brain function before dying, said a New York Daily News in a report.

“Kuldip growing up was a great kid,” his father Prittal Singh told the Daily News shortly before his son’s passing. “I never had any problems with him.”

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