A significant number of Indian American company heads – for both large and small-to-midsize companies – were named among the “Best CEOs for Diversity” by Comparably June 6.

The list includes the top 50 rated CEOs in both large and small businesses, according to employees of color who rated their chief executives anonymously on Comparably.com from May 23 last year to May 23 this year.

Among the large company CEOs who made the list include Sundar Pichai at Google who was the top-most Indian American at No. 6, and Satya Nadella of Microsoft at No. 7. Outside of the top 10 of the large company list was Shantanu Narayan of Adobe at No. 25.

Comparably also provided anonymous quotes of what employees said of their bosses.

A Google employee said of the company and Pichai, “The culture is very diverse, nerdy, and engineered for people like me.”

An employee at Microsoft noted that, “The most positive thing about the culture is the diversity and inclusion of people, thoughts and ideas. [Microsoft] puts empathy at the forefront.”

Within the small-to-midsize business category were several Indian American and South Asian American CEOs, including the top person on the list, Mahe Bayireddi of Phenom People.

The employees at Phenom People gave Bayireddi an average score of 95.

At No. 2 on the list for diversity was SendGrid head Sameer Dholakia, who received an average score of 96 from his employees – the list, again, was strictly focused on the CEOs best for diversity.

Outside of the top 10 CEOs within the small-to-midsize company group, Comparably listed the CEOs in alphabetical order.

Among the CEOs on the list, but outside the top 10, were Amrinder Arora of Vienna, Va.-based BizMerlin; Karthik Sridharan of New York-based Kinnek; Praful Saklani of Brisbane, Calif.-based Pramata; and Satish Varma Srivatsavaya of El Segundo, Calif.-based Clorder.

Among the employees anonymously quoted was one at SendGrid who said, “Everyone is very friendly and inclusive. We can talk about the things that we’re passionate about to find similarities and celebrate them. It doesn’t matter what background, race, sex, or orientation, everyone is welcome. Inclusivity is the name of the game.”

“I’m honored to receive this recognition and to be among such great company,” said Saklani in a statement issued by Pramata. “This award is doubly meaningful to me – because diversity is a key value of mine, and because the judges are the people I work with every day and who share this award with me. Although we didn’t set quotas, we’ve been able to achieve gender equity and to create a team where all perspectives and the best ideas are discovered and implemented.”

In addition to listing off the best CEOs for diversity, Comparably released June 6 and June 7 the “Best CEOs for Women,” “Best Leadership,” “Best Managers” and “Best Companies for Professional Development” lists.

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