guddi sidhu

Guddi Sidhu, a 70-year-old Sikh Indian American community leader, died Oct. 6 in a car crash in Fresno, Calif. ( photo)

Guddi Sidhu, a well-known Sikh American TV and radio host and the vice president of Fresno, Calif.’s Sikh Institute, was killed in a single-car crash Oct. 6 afternoon.

According to ABC30, Sidhu, 70, was killed after her vehicle veered off the road and hit a power pole at Ashlan and Cornelia in Fresno. No one else was with her. quoted police as saying that she was driving southbound on Cornelia Avenue when for unknown reasons, she crossed over into oncoming traffic. “Her car hit guy wires, used as tension ropes to hold free-standing structures, and was thrown 10 feet into the air, then police say she came crashing down,” the report said, adding that she was pronounced dead at the scene.

Sidhu, said, had returned from a school function and was on her way to do her radio show when she crashed.

Sidhu, a radio host at KBIF 900, was very active in the community and was loved by everyone, according to various local media outlets.

Shawn Kaleka, who was among the thousands of kids whom Sidhu had taught in a Punjabi class, told ABC30 that “She was really a cultural ambassador. She was instrumental on making sure the new generation and first-born American generation, that we held on to our roots, that we never forgot our religion.”

“It’s a tremendous loss for our community. We're feeling as if we have lost our mother. She was truly a pillar,” Kaleka was quoted as saying by the channel.

Offering its condolences, the Sikh Coalition tweeted that “Sidhu was a leader in the Sikh community, and people who knew her said her mission was helping others. We offer our condolences to the Fresno, California sangat as they mourn the loss of Sikh community leader Guddi Sidhu.”

Sidhu is survived by her husband and three children.

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