CALABASAS, Calif. — The Malibu Hindu Temple held New Year celebrations that spanned three days, beginning Dec. 31, followed by a program on Jan. 1 and concluded with Vaikunta Ekadashi on Jan. 5. All the events drew large crowds to the beautiful temple premises, according to a press release.

On the eve of the new year, the whole temple with the large crowds and music took on the appearance of the famed Tirupati temple in India. The midnight service was preceded by bhajans by the husband-wife duo of Rose and Muralikrishnan. Devotees were treated to typical South Indian prasad. The program concluded with a maha arati.

Congressman Brad Sherman (CA-30th), on Jan. 1 actively participated in the New Year celebrations, addressing devotees and mingling with them, remarking about the large number of Indian Americans in his constituency. He was honored with a shawl and a garland.

Nadadur S. Kumar, general counsel and chief administrative officer, pledged high standards and ethical conduct in the running of the temple. He said plans were afoot to build an additional complex for the installation of the deities of the gods Anjaneya, Durga, Santoshi Maa and Saraswati.

For the first time the temple mobilized a volunteer force of young high school and college students who went about their activities at each program with energy and enthusiasm. The temple also hosted a bone marrow drive through the organization, Be The Match.

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