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Nihal Tammana received an award from New Jersey state Senator Vin Gopal. The 11-year-old Indian American founder of ‘Recycle My Battery’ hopes to reach out and advise people to refrain from the habit of throwing the used batteries in the trash. ( photo)

An Indian American youngster in New Jersey is doing his part to raise awareness of the harmful effects of poor battery disposal by launching a nonprofit, Recycle My Battery.

Eleven-year-old Sri Nihal Tammana’s nonprofit sets up certified battery bins free of cost including free two-way priority shipping to any public or private organizations including schools, libraries, private companies, according to the organization’s website.

Recycle My Battery’s goal is to reach out and advise people to refrain from the habit of throwing the used batteries in the trash.

In all establishments where Recycle My Battery has placed its bins, not a single used battery is seen in normal dustbins nor anywhere in their vicinity, other than in battery bins installed for the purpose, according to reports.

The organization’s team is comprised of dozens of young kids who did mystery shopping in most of the organizations where its bins have been installed to ensure this and the results have been extremely gratifying, reports note.

Some of their accomplishments include collecting more than 38,000 batteries, of which all have been properly recycled.

Tammana has been recognized for his efforts, receiving the Special National Recycling Award for 2020 from the National Waste Recycling Association; New Jersey State Recycling Award from New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection for 2020; the One in a Million Award for 2020; Global Kids Achiever Award for 2020; and Citizens Award for 2020 from Woodbrook Elementary School in Edison, New Jersey.

Tammana has also received appreciation from New Jersey state Sens. Bob Menendez, Sam Thompson, Patrick Diegnan and Vin Gopal, as well as Edison Mayor Thomas Lankey.

He also received appreciation from Kevin Kassekert, COO of Redwood Materials, who used to be a C-level executive in Tesla and started Red Wood Materials with JB Straubel, who was the co-founder of Tesla.

Redwood Materials deals with battery recycling and Recycle My Battery is looking forward to partnering with Redwood Materials to aggressively promote awareness about the importance of recycling used batteries, multiple reports note.

The Recycle My Battery team has also educated more than 200,000 adults so far about why they need to recycle batteries properly – through email campaigns, flyers, magazine articles, conferences, as well as 70,000 kids on how to recycle used batteries properly.

To date, the organization has placed battery bins in many schools and got approval from more than 15 superintendents which would cover 150-plus schools and over 200,000 kids, reports said.

Call2Recycle, the nation’s largest battery recycling nonprofit, has also supported the Tammana-led organization by offering Recycle My Battery free battery bins.

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