Asheville Primary

Vijay Kapoor dominated the Asheville, N.C., City Council primary election Oct. 10, now advancing to the Nov. 7 general election along with five others vying for three open seats. The Indian American candidate is seen here with his family. ( photo)

Vijay Kapoor, an Indian American candidate for Asheville, N.C., City Council, advanced easily to the general election as the top vote-getter during the Oct. 10 primary election.

Kapoor received 5,637 votes, accounting for 17.64 percent, to outpace the candidates.

A total of six people were chosen from a list of 11 candidates. Three seats are open for the race.

The attorney, who founded his own firm, on his campaign website said his goal is “to ensure that all city neighborhoods have a greater voice in city matters and that every resident goes to sleep each night feeling safe, fed, healthy and valued.”

The candidate has more than a handful of issues he is campaigning to either fix or improve. These include traffic, taxes, development, the city budget and districting.

Kapoor, who was born in Chicago and grew up in Asheville, says his background, work and life experiences are what qualify him to serve the city.

He received a bachelor’s degree from the University of Chicago where he dual-majored in economics and public policy studies. He then went on to pursue his law degree at the University of Pennsylvania, at which time he worked for the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society.

Kapoor worked for a law firm in Philadelphia following law school, serving as a litigator representing state and local governments. Eventually, he founded his own company, The Kapoor Company, which provides economic and financial analysis to government entities.

Other candidates advancing to the November general election included Sheneika E. Smith (12.84 percent), vice mayor Gwen Wisler (11.31), Dee Williams (10.67), Rich Lee (9.96) and Kim Roney (9.93).

Incumbent Cecil Bothwell (9.6 percent), Adrian Vassallo (4.26), Pratik Bhakta (3.65), Andrew Fletcher (1.71) and Jan Kubiniec (1.0) all failed to qualify for next month's election.

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