NORWALK, Calif. – The Dada Bhagwan Foundation’s two-day Self-Fealization seminar, led by Atmagyani Pujya Deepakbhai Desai, was held at the Sanatan Dharma Temple here July 27-28.

The seminar was in the form of question and answer sessions.

On the first day, Pujya Deepakbhai Desai, who is the disciple of Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan and a spiritual contemporary of Atmagyani Pujya “Niruma,” spoke about the truths of life that attendees could pursue to gain liberation or ‘moksha.’

On the second day, Aptaputra Dimplebhai, who had been awakened by Pujya Deepakbhai at a young age and became a devotee, eloquently answered many queries of the attendees.

Dimplebhai gave clear illustrations from daily life as he answered questions during his discourse. The theory of ‘Karma’ can be interpreted as a theory of cause and effect, he said, adding, it is an unchangeable scientific law and people have to trust it.

People feel they are so good but there is no appreciation from others or life should have been better, he noted, saying they fail to understand that the effects are from cause or action in the unknown past. They must continue to do good things for a better future, instead of being bitter, he suggested. They need to change their opinions and way of thinking. They should not judge a person by some past bad experience, preconceptions and prejudices. Maybe the person has changed now, so always think about every incident or person with a fresh mind and lovingly. This way they only send good vibrations to others, he said.

Many times, people fail to stop arguments because each one wants to be the winner, even on trivial matters. Once they realize that their actual being is the soul and not the outer image of themselves, they will see the futility of these heated dialogues, he stated.

“It is true some people stick to one guru while some people prefer to go the many visiting gurujis to absorb a variety of teachings. However, a person should follow one guru or teachings for at least one year,” Dimplebhai told India-West. “Treat it like a medicine, to take a full doze for a year. Based on how it helps in the journey to liberation, make a decision and stick to that path or guru.”

He further spoke about how enlightened sages have all the knowledge, no accumulated ‘karma’ – good or bad – and hence no payback. They have reached ultimate realization, he said.

To yet another question, Dimplebhai explained that rituals are like reminders and ropes to pull us back on our path in the busy life schedule.

The 750 attendees each day included people of all ages and ethnicities and many from the Indian American community. Most of them were participating in the ‘Gnanvidhi,’ which is the scientific process to self-realization.

In this approach, with simple guidelines, the conviction ‘I am pure soul’ is permanently established in their subtle awareness. It helps them change their perception to life and their own behavioral patterns.

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