The Overseas Friends of BJP Los Angeles chapter Jan. 6 held Vijay Sankalp Yagnya in Southern California, with a public function held afterward to push for the re-election of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

The event was attended by Indian American senior leaders of various organizations including Lions Club, HSS, American Hindu Foundation, VHP, ICS, UFICA, SMAP and members of OFBJP Los Angeles teams.

The event started with a general meeting.

“Today we are performing a traditional Yagnya with a prayer and desire that the New India movement under Modiji’s leadership should continue,” Vijay Patil, general secretary of the organization. “The transformational changes that have taken place in last four years need a prominent leader, none other than Modi ji who can continue the momentum.”

Patil also described that this is the first part of the Yagnya and the concluding Yagnya will be conducted in May after the election, a news release said.

Following a moment of silence for Chinubhai Thaker, trustee of Gayatri Mandir, who recently passed away, several people spoke to the gathering.

Among the speakers included Manmohan Chopra, Gopal Chaturvedi, Pranav Y. Desai, Ashok Patnaik, Dr. Gadasalli and Jitubhai Patel.

They described the current state of India and how things have changed in the past four years, making a case for a Modi re-election.

They discussed how the Indian economy is on pace to exceed U.K.’s and how the foreign policies of Modi are benefiting the country, according to the release.

P.K. Nayak, convener of OFBJP Los Angeles, urged support for the reforms that Narendra Modi is undertaking to “Make India great again.”

“We are looking forward to seeing our motherland, India return to its glory soon,” Nayak noted.

Nayak mentioned about the need to get involved in grass root level campaigns and described the “Share & Care” campaign and appealed everyone to get involved in promoting the positive information about India’s development story because “we care about our motherland, Bharat.”

The speeches were followed by an open discussion, as well as a 45-minute Yagnya, prayers and Aarti “to create positive vibrations and good luck” as Kaushik Patel described it, the release said.

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