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Serene Singh with her book, ‘The Queen Machine’. The Indian American student studying at Oxford says the book provides tools and resources for families and educators to help children cultivate lasting self-esteem. (photo provided)

Serene Singh, 24, an Indian American doctoral student studying at the University of Oxford, recently wrote and published a book, ‘The Queen Machine’, which is available on Amazon, Kindle, and major bookstores worldwide.

Singh is a Rhodes Scholar and Truman Scholar who currently represents the world’s largest pageant system as the 2020-2021 National All-American Miss, according to a press release. During her summer tour as a national titleholder, her goal is to get this book “in as many schools, libraries, and as many hands of kids and families as possible.”

In ‘The Queen Machine,’ friends Amrita, Michaela, and Brooke learn that their unique purpose can only come when they decide to love themselves, not despite their differences but in spite of them, noted the release. The book provides tools, such as the Queen Quiz worksheet, and resources for families and educators to help children cultivate lasting self-esteem, it added.

Developed with the help of educators, counselors, and leaders from across the globe, “‘The Queen Machine’aims to empower children – in the classroom, on the playground, and at home – with tools to build confidence and develop self-empathy,” says the book’s official launch site.

“With the platform I have today, my greatest dream this year was to produce something that will grow and impact children in a tangible way. Growing up as a Sikh South Asian girl in Colorado Springs, Colorado, I wanted nothing more than to blend-in with my peers. Fast forward a few years – my individuality is what I cherish the most about my life’s journey,” says Singh.

As a public speaking teacher for youth globally, Singh works with hundreds of students in developing their research and public speaking skills. She is also working on a project in Jharkhand, India to help Indian adolescent village girls gain self-defense skills and resources to stay in school.

“Each person who reads this book – no matter their age – will be challenged to see themselves in a new, positive, and powerful way, that’s a promise,” Singh states.

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