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A Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, doctor, Vamsimadhav Korrapati, charged with sexually abusing two children, was sentenced to eight months to four years in state prison. In January, the Indian American physician took a plea deal, pleading no contest to the charges of reckless child endangerment, which did not involve allegations of sexual abuse. (screen grab of YouTube/StopMICRA)

A Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, Indian American physician accused of sexually molesting two children was sentenced July 6 to eight months to two years in state prison.

Vamsimadhav Korrapati had been charged with molesting a then-11-year-old boy and 7-year-old girl between 2008 and 2014 in Hanover Township, Pennsylvania.

At a preliminary hearing, a young boy testified that Korrapati had fondled him. The boy unfalteringly said that the doctor had done the same thing to a girl. The Morning Call newspaper reported that Korrapati knew both of his victims, and smiled in court at the boy as he recalled the horrific incidents.

The two children — now 12 and 8 — provided statements of the alleged abuse to county caseworkers. The alleged molestations went on for several years, according to police (see India-West story here).

Korrapati, 43, initially pleaded no contest to recklessly endangering the children, but denied the claims of molestation. In January, the physician took a plea deal in Northampton County Court, pleading no contest to the charges of reckless child endangerment, which did not involve allegations of sexual abuse. He received two years of probation for the misdemeanor charges, and was also ordered to undergo sexual offender treatment, though the charges of sexual abuse were dropped.

But Korrapati was kicked out of sexual offender treatment, after he repeatedly failed to show up for it. This led to a string of probation violations, which in turn led to the sentence in state prison.

Northampton County Court Senior Judge Leonard Zito held several hearings with Korrapati in the months since the plea deal. On July 6, Zito sentenced the former emergency room physician to state prison, calling him “arrogant” and “condescending” for his failure to follow court directives, as reported by The Morning Call newspaper.

“He has resisted all authority,” Zito said.

Korrapati’s defense attorneys, Philip Lauer and Brian McMonagle, argued that the physician would have had to admit to sexual misconduct in the treatment program, even though he has denied it and not been convicted on sexual misconduct charges. He was thrown out of the program for failing to admit to sexual misconduct, his attorneys told Zito.

Assistant District Attorney Laura Majewski said Korrapati’s plea agreement mandated that he undergo sex offender counseling. Whether he liked it or not, Korrapati didn’t get to dictate what the terms of that program should be, Majewski said, as reported by The Morning Call.

Korrapati completed his internal medicine residency at St. Luke's University Hospital in Fountain Hill and also worked in Easton Hospital. According to his Facebook profile, Korrapati attended the A.P.R School, in Gandipalem, Andhra Pradesh, and then attended Siddhartha Medical College in Vijayawada.

It is unclear whether he will be allowed to practice medicine once he is released from state prison.

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