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Prime Minister Narendra Modi speaking at the launch of a BJP membership drive in Varanasi on July 6. The prime minister will be hosted at an Indian American community summit on Sept. 22, hosted by the Texas India Forum in Houston. (IANS photo)

HOUSTON, Texas– The Texas India Forum, a Houston-based non-profit, announced July 17 that it is organizing “Howdy, Modi!”, a large Indian American community summit that will host Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi during his visit to the region on Sept. 22, 2019.

The event is expected to bring together tens of thousands of people to encourage and explore common interests and an expanded partnership between the United States and India’s fast growing economy, according to a press release. Texas alone has over 500,000 Indian Americans, contributing significantly to signature sectors including space, energy, medicine, education, information technology, and business, the release noted.

“There is unprecedented synergy between our region and the aspirations of a ‘New India’ that Prime Minister Narendra Modi represents. The American dream shares many similarities with emerging Indian dream, and an event of this scale suggests an opportunity to build bridges across two great democracies,” said Jugal Malani, a convener of the “Howdy, Modi!” organizing committee.

Attendance at the summit will be free, but passes will be required, the release said. Passes are available on a first-come-first-serve basis and exclusively through an online registration process ( In addition to the prime minister’s address, the program is expected to include a cultural program that showcases the Indian American community and will be broadcast live online and on television channels, reaching over 1 billion people across the United States and India, the release said.

This will be the first trip to the U.S. for Modi after his landslide victory in India’s elections earlier this year. The prime minister has previously addressed similar gatherings at Madison Square Garden in New York and the SAP Center in San Jose, Calif.

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The Texas India Forum, Inc. is a not-for-profit organization that encourages cooperation between the United States and India, advancing the shared values of democracy, inclusive economic development, and mutual respect, according to the release. TIF brings together Indian American organizations and institutions to encourage collaboration within the region and expand opportunities for engagement with India.

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