Khanna Rajkumar:

Jenifer Rajkumar, Indian American candidate for the New York state Assembly. (Twitter/JeniferRajkumar)

Congressman Ro Khanna, D-California, announced Feb. 7 that he was backing Jenifer Rajkumar in her run for New York state Assembly.

Khanna, known as a fighter against the monopolization of the tech giants and an advocate for non-interventionist foreign policy, said he believed Rajkumar would bring representation and new energy to the district, according to a news release.

“Jenifer Rajkumar’s candidacy represents a new generation of young women who have independent voices and truly represent their communities. Elevating promising women like Rajkumar will change our political discourse for the better. I have known Rajkumar for years,” Khanna said in a statement.

Rajkumar, an Indian American lawyer, is running to be the only member of South Asian descent to represent New York City in the state legislature. The 38th Assembly District includes Woodhaven, Ridgewood, Richmond Hill, Ozone Park and Glendale, according to a report.

In addition to Khanna, Rajkumar, who is trying to unseat six-term incumbent Assemblyman Mike Miller in District 38, Feb. 14 also received the endorsement of Manhattan Councilmember Ben Kallos, co-chair of the Progressive Caucus.

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